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Vehicle Set

Vehicle Set

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Our unparalleled Vehicle Set, complete with individual vehicle bases, uniquely-shaped tiles and wooden figures, is the perfect choice for kids who adore automobiles!

Children will have an exciting time creating vehicles such as cars, trucks, buses, trains, planes, and boats with 2 chassis and the custom designed tiles. Our hand-painted Construction Worker and Policeman wooden figurines with magnetic bases perfectly complement this transportation theme!



Kids can construct recognizable car pieces like doors, windows, bonnets, and boots for hours of creative play with figurines or dream up unique designs and embark on imaginary journeys!



Playing with the Vehicle Set encourages children to explore mechanical engineering, magnetism, and physics concepts, helping them understand how different parts work together to create a functional machine, the properties and behaviours of magnets, and the basics of momentum and force.


What's in the box

12 Rectangles
6 L shapes
6 Doors
2 Vehicles
2 Magnetic Wooden People (1 x Construction Worker, 1 x Policeman)

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