About us

JanaS is a natural baby products online store, based in Pretoria.
JanaS started in 2016 as a locally made ladies clothing brand.

While I was pregnant in 2019 with my first baby, I started looking into using cloth nappies. I loved that there where no chemicals in them and that they were more environmentally sustainable option than disposables. Then there is the money saving factor as well.

After using them for a while I decided that my passion and interest has shifted and evolved towards natural and environmentally sustainable baby products.
So, I changed course and changed my online offering to baby products.
I wanted to have an online store that stocks a wide variety of natural baby products. I also couldn’t resist adding some natural pamper products for us ladies as well.

All the products that I decide to sell were tested by myself or one of my babies.

I am an enthusiastic recycler and composter in my own house, and I apply the same principles in my business. That is why I use brown paper bags to package your items instead of plastic. I also reuse boxes to be more environmentally friendly. In the end it is my top priority to get your items to you in a perfect state so unfortunately, I must use bubble wrap on some of the items, but I try and limit that to a minimum.