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Imagimags Square Set

Imagimags Square Set

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Our 38-piece Square Set is the perfect tool for kids to explore open-ended play. Plus, it's the ideal set to build up an Imagimags collection!

Squares are adored by all ages! A masterpiece of simplicity! They are uncomplicated, great for energetic tots. But they also bring complexity! With more squares, kids can craft more intricate and expansive creations.


From the littlest cube to the tallest skyscrapers, the Square Set covers the gamut of kids' creative aspirations.



The Square Set offers an exciting way to introduce your children to STEAM-related concepts such as magnetism and force, through balanced, stable play. Structural engineering is brought to life in an inviting way, making it the ideal learning experience for kids!


What's in the box

36 Squares
2 Large Squares

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