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Ningxia red Stater bundle

Ningxia red Stater bundle

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The stater bundle includes:

30 x packets ningxia

1 x 5ml lavender oil

1 x 5ml pepperment oil

1 x 5ml lemon oil

Ningxia red is a delicious superfruit drink that includes whole Wolfberry puree. It is a powerful Antioxidant, supports your Body and Immune System as well as offers energy throughout the day.

Each satchet is loaded with nature’s goodness: Wolfberry, cherry, pomegranate, plum, carrots, oranges, beets, raspberries, blueberries, apple, spinach, broccoli, grape seed extract & essential oils.

Comes in ready to consume 60-ml packets – Throw them in your purse or backpack, or give them as samples to friends, family, and interested consumers. 30 singles in a box

Full ingredients list:

Whole Ningxia Wolfberry Puree (Lycium barbarum) from China, Blueberry Juice*,Aronia Juice*, Cherry Juice*, Pomegranate Juice*, Plum Juice*, Tartaric acid and Malic acid to adjust pH, Natural Blueberry flavouring, Mega Natural Gold grape seed extract (GSE) (Kosher and Halal), Pure Vanilla extract 2X, Pectin - for mouth feel and separation, Sodium Benzoate and/or Potassium Sorbate - used as preservatives, Natural Stevia (Reb A) extract - for sweetening, YL Orange Essential Oil, YL Yuzu Essential Oil, YL Lemon Essential Oil YL Tangerine Essential Oil, *From concentrate

This also includes Young living membership

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