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My Little Morphée

My Little Morphée

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Product features
Screen and wave-free.
Reduces stress and anxiety.
Helps young kids sleep better.
Easy to use anywhere, anytime.

My Little Morphée is a non-digital sleep and relaxation device designed for children aged 3 to 10. It comes loaded with 192 nature and white noise tracks, soothing meditations, guided journeys, and relaxing songs that help children fall into a restful sleep at night and regain calm during the day. Each of these sessions was developed by a team of dedicated child sleep and wellness experts.

It also helps children develop confidence and resilience, improve their concentration and focus, and learn to understand and manage their emotions. My Little Morphée is easy for little hands to hold, meaning your little one can bring theirs with them on planes, trains, cars, and anywhere else they might need it. It couldn’t be easier to use, either. Simply turn the first key to choose the theme of your session: a soothing journey, a guided meditation, nature sounds, or soft music. Then turn the second key to choose a world to escape to – an island or the mountains, for example. Lastly, flip the hourglass key to choose between an 8 or 16-minute session, and voila: a good night’s sleep for them and a good night’s sleep for you – or at least a few hours to nap.

Product Specifications

- Product dimensions: 17.5cm x 7cm x 11cm

- Net weight: 250g

- Material: Bamboo handle / Recycled paper user guide

- Can be used with its own speaker or connected to headphones

- Battery operated (3 hours listening time) or plugged in

- Comes with a user guide and USB cable (AC adapter not included)

- My Little Morphée has a woman’s voice

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