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Marble Run Set

Marble Run Set

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Our magnetic Marble Run thrills kids with the excitement of engineering their own builds! Watching the balls zipping through cups, up straights, down chutes and around curves will fill them with pride and joy!

The 98-piece Marble Run's robustness and versatility are accentuated by the ample connector tiles, with powerful magnets, along with the strategically-crafted chutes, slopes, corners and cups. Our digital Marble Run booklet contains easy to understand directions for each tube's purpose plus inspiring design ideas!



Our magnetic connector tiles offer reliable support so kids can construct marble runs from a lofty height with ease. The click-in feature keeps the pieces securely in place, leading to daredevil descents of the marbles as they twist, turn, and drop along the track! Witnessing the balls whizz through the paths of their own creations gives them an unforgettable thrill.



Kids can revel in the exciting, thrilling motion of the balls as they explore momentum, speed, angles, gravity, and force. As they become immersed, they'll challenge themselves to redesign and optimize their course, honing their problem-solving skills. It's an incredible event of creative engineering and exhilarating action!


What's in the box

36 Connector Square Magnetic Tiles
10 Corner Chutes (Red)
10 Slopes (Pink)
10 Short Straights (Yellow)
8 Diagonal Chutes (Orange)
8 Hairpin Bends (Green)
8 Long Straights (Blue)
6 Balls
2 Cups

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