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Last Round Pro

Last Round Pro

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Black as the Night. For Your Brightest Colors.
Black Reusable Rounds

LastRound Pro are reusable black rounds that are perfect for removing highly pigmented makeup or nail polish without getting stained. Each case contains over 1750 uses! It is sustainable, stain-free and super freakin’ soft. Simply put, it’s PRO.

Flawless Makeup Removal
A little black round to wash off the day and welcome the night. Use it to take off that burgundy, velvety lipstick, your long-lasting foundation, and the mascara so waterproof it can survive a swimming competition. The round cleans all the pigments off. Without. A single. Stain. It’s the round that dreams are made of.

Spotless Nail Polish Removal
A vividly colorful, tutti-frutti nail can brighten up a day, but it can also add an unwanted pop of color to your makeup rounds. With LastRound Pro you can remove your nail polish without a trace. The black color makes sure your round stays spotless, so that you can continue to stay bold.

Case: Certified Recycled ocean bound plastic
Rounds: Round 70% wood cellulose from North American conifers and short cotton fibers not suitable for the textile industry

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