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Crystal Set

Crystal Set

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Unveiling now, a South African exclusive- get the Crystal Set to bring beauty and sophistication to your home! 38 sheer tiles provide kids with the opportunity to build awe-inspiring "glass" creations that allow them to both build and see through.

The sophisticated, transparent Crystal tiles elevate any playroom to a place of class. Inviting new explorations in creative play, we've crafted imaginary crystal marvels — and we can't wait to view the captivating constructions made by your children!


Envision children creating dazzling, crystal-like palaces, with clear towers pointing to the heavens and walls that sparkle in the light. Or what about a magical glasshouse with lush vines and dazzling blooms, the roof opening up to the sun above… The Crystal Set is a great way to spur your kids' creativity!


The Crystal Set provides a unique, transparent learning experience that differs from standard, rainbow-hued tiles. Kids' spatial and visual perception abilities are strengthened as they view the world through a clear lens. This set encourages creative thinking and problem-solving, as children construct designs that come to life right before them; there are endless possibilities!


What's in the box

18 Squares
6 Equilateral Triangles
6 Isosceles Triangles
6 Tall Isosceles Triangles
2 Large Squares

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