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Cotton Fleece fitteds - Natural Cotton

Cotton Fleece fitteds - Natural Cotton

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This fully absorbent fitted nappy is made from high quality locally manufactured unbrushed cotton fleece


Outer shell is 3 layers for OSFM & 2 Layers for Newborn

Snake style snap in inserts that are 4 layers of soft black cotton fleece

*snap in snake inserts make customizable absorption in the wet zone easy

4 layer black cotton fleece booster

The nappies the nappy fully adjustable allowing to fit for a wide range of sizes

*Note - this nappy needs a waterproof cover


Fully Absorbent Fitted Nappies are used mostly as night nappies.

Or just add less inserts and use it during the day, you have the flexibility to do what works for your baby

One nappy with a cover should last your baby 8-12 hours without changing.

Night nappies are more bulky than day nappies because it is designed to go much longer stretches without changing, therefore needs more layers.

Note that newborns need to be changed much more frequently than older babies because they consume such large quantities of milk,  and most babies still poop at night till 3 or 4 months old.

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