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Blom Bio Odour Control Cleaner 500ml

Blom Bio Odour Control Cleaner 500ml

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BLOM Bio Odour control cleaner 500ml in a reusable glass bottle

BLOM Bio Odour control cleaner works effectively at eliminating odour causing substances from surfaces like dustbins, animal enclosures, litter boxes and even nappy bins.  Assists in removing bad odours from all surfaces, like walls, plastic surfaces and fabrics.  

Our unique formula uses the  power of microbes instead of chemicals  to break down and eliminate the odour causing substances at the source, instead of just masking odours. BLOM Bio odour control cleaner does not contain harsh chemicals and is suitable to use around animals and plants. The Microbes used are beneficial for waterways and soil. 

6 X Refill available in a convenient 30ml pipette bottle. Refill your 500ml bottle up to 6 times with our 30ml Refill bottle! Saving you money and reducing single use plastic!

Thank you for making the sustainable choice!

** The only thing I could find that can take cat urine out!!

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