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Baby Dam Wall

Baby Dam Wall

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BabyDam has been designed to give your little one a safe secure space in which to bathe  reducing the amount of water you use every bathtime. You also save the time taken to run a whole bath and the energy needed to heat that extra water.

Easy to fit, lots of fun and eco friendly too!

The BabyDam Bathwater Barrier is the only baby bath that grows with your child. Reposition in the bath as they grow.

It can be used with newborn babies from the outset. No need to use a traditional baby bath. Designed to help busy eco‐conscious parents everywhere save water, energy, time and space.

The Bathwater Barrier creates a smaller space which gives both baby and parent reassurance by making it easier to keep baby safely within arms reach.

Parents save time when filling the bath which also saves money on energy costs by just heating the amount of water needed. When Bath time is over the barrier is easy to remove and store.


The BabyDam Bathwater Barrier benefits:

Designed to give your little one a safe secure space

Creating fun & cosy environment for your baby to enjoy bath time every time

The only baby bath that grows with your child

Easy to fit, lots of fun and eco friendly too

Using BabyDam to bath your baby will make a genuine reduction to every parent’s household heating bill and collectively can make a substantial contribution to the nation’s energy saving requirement.

Keeping in line with the Governments Environment Plan to reduce domestic water usage, the BabyDam Bathwater Barrier is a must for today’s environmentally conscious family.


Fitting your Baby dam wall

Step 1 Wet the suction cups thoroughly and ensure the bath is free from soap residue. Step 2 Hold BabyDam, as shown below, with your palms facing up and thumbs to the front of the faceplate. Line up the BabyDam in the bath above the position where you wish to locate it.

Step 3 Making sure your BabyDam is square within the bath, push down firmly with one hand on each of the curved handles.

Step 4 Push down firmly on each of the suction cups to ensure the cups are stuck to the bottom of the bath.

Step 5 Ensure that BabyDam is water tight by running your finger along the flexible seal to make sure it is flat.

Step 6 Remove the plug and fill to the minimum line for a newborn and insert the plug and fill to the maximum line for a toddler.

Step 7 Fill bath to the required depth. Never fill above the maximum fill marker on the BabyDam.

Babies/infants should be supervised by an adult at all times and never left unattended during bath time

Step 8 To remove BabyDam, release the suction cups one by one by pulling each pull tab upwards to break the seal.



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