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Architectural Set

Architectural Set

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The centerpiece of the Architectural Set is our unique dome tiles! Plus, kids can create elaborate, stunning structures with the addition of windows, archways and balustrades.

The 48 pieces of our architectural tiles open the doors of creativity for kids! Create castles and cottages, construct fortresses and hideaways, create temples and museums...children can craft any structure their imaginations desire!



Your kids will relish the feeling of the round dome tiles in their mitts! They can craft both realistic and whimsical creations with the Architectural Set. Think of dreamy fairy dwellings, animal havens, superhero HQs, robot workspaces...It's never-ending!



Witness children as they discover the fundamentals of Architecture and Engineering, from crafting strong forms with rounded edges to utilizing symmetry and proportions to craft immaculate designs. Get a world tour of different architectural styles and then let their imaginations run wild as they create their own!


What's in the box

12 Dome Pieces
12 Squares
6 Archways
6 E shapes
6 Tall Isosceles Triangles
6 Windows

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