Learning is a curve

July 23, 2017

In the first year of JanaS lifetime as a brand, I had already changed my designing and creating process twice.

I started out with the idea to have my own brand a long time ago, but actually started taking any action towards the dream started August 2016. I sat down with a friend, and we sketched a collection of basics, a maxi and a short dress, a maxi and a midi skirt and two tops. Just basically drawing our favorite styles and dreaming of my first collection.


I Then started to see how the whole process of developing a line works and everything changed.

For example the maxi skirt in my head and on the paper had a permanent pleat fabric. I couldn't find permanent pleated fabric anywhere (if you have a contact please let me know ;-) ), so I had to scratch that style.

Just like the skirt each piece had to be reworked to be used in the first JanaS collection.


Secondly when asked who is going to wear these designs, I realized I did not know for what type of women I was going to create these clothes. Talk about soul searching! I am still getting use to the idea of giving reasons for everything I do, but I am learning.


Thirdly and the most obvious thing I missed was the season! My timing was to late for Spring/Summer 2017 so I had to change all the styles to winter styles, or styles that can be worn with layers.

So I started from scratch.


My first collection came to life in the following order:

1. What season am I designing for :-)

2. Who will wear the clothes I am creating?

3. What beautiful fabrics are available? (prints, type, drape and weight).

4. Design the style, make a fashion sketch.

And the product of these four steps are the collection currently available on the website. Please let me know what you think :-), or what you would like to see in the next collection.


Everything in life is a learning curve, I had to chose to go with the curve.

What choice are you making? 

Are you stuck?

Or are you learning and evolving?


I am looking forward to seeing you at the Trunk Show next Saturday! 29 July 2017. Please come say hi.

With Love



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